Judge Not, etc.

April 6, 2014

Judged the Boston Singers’ Resource prelims yesterday. I think before the next ones in a few weeks, I’ll have a rubber stamp made, saying:

Better support will help your [jaw, tongue, throat] relax, opening your resonance and clarifying your sound.

And maybe another one, saying:

Vowels carry the beauty and meaning in every language. If you generalize them, all that is lost.

Of the 40 singers, there were two that were really ready.  I guess not all teachers have the same idea of basics.

That said, there were far fewer singers with rep far beyond their fach, which is a great improvement!  Too many times, I’ve seen singers with a labored technique, singing too heavily, and assuming they should be singing bigger repertoire.  This time, singers generally had a more realistic view of the size of the voice.  Good!



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